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We activate your lobby and service your residents through our hospitality operation. Craftwork replaces first floor concierge with our hospitality team that provides food, beverage, and alcohol service to your residents.






Innovation for a competitive market

Our service replaces existing labor cost

Differentiation drives resident acquisition

Hospitality increases resident retention

Hospitality Services

Craftwork activates your lobby and services your residents through our hospitality operation, replacing first-floor concierge and coffee costs with a hospitality-focused team that provides a food, beverage, and alcohol service to your residents.

We can help you position your operations to deliver exceptional value for your resident base.

Food + Beverage

Coffee: We serve coffee that is roasted weekly at Craftwork HQ in Fort Worth by some of the best in the coffee industry. In 2018 and 2019, we were named the Best Coffee Shop in Fort Worth.

Alcohol: We curate a seasonal selection of canned beer and wines to create an elevated resident experience.

Food: We intentionally source a variety of healthy grab & go options.

People: We train each of our employees how to provide human-centric hospitality. We’ve served over 500,000 customers with an average 4.6 Stars over 1,000+ reviews.

We Drive Value for Assets and Portfolios

Craftwork partners with high-rise and mid-rise asset owners. We customize a modular bar that is built off-site. Our bar and operation can be added within 200 square feet of existing lobby space and open within 3 months of partnership.

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