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Episode #87: You Are Not A Procrastinator

Episode #87: You Are Not A Procrastinator

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We hope this finds you well.

Do you ever struggle with procrastination? We never do. Ok, confession time… we may have just finished our final draft of this week’s Advocate a few minutes ago. Who are we kidding, we totally struggle with this habit! Please notice that we call procrastination a habit and not an identity. This is because of the wonderful instruction of Mel Robbins.

Procrastination is not part of our identity. Rather, it is a habit we do for stress relief. All habits follow a similar path. There is a trigger, a pattern, and then a reward. In the case of procrastination, our trigger is stress, our pattern is putting off what we need to do, and our reward is the stress relief of a watching cat video or scrolling through social media. Mel reminds us that we are always going to have stress, so we must change our pattern of avoiding work. In this 4 minute video, Mel shows us how to break this pattern and reminds us of the truth: procrastination is not our identity.


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