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Episode #83: Aim For The Heart

Episode #83: AIM FOR THE HEART

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace with locations in Fort Worth (Foundry, Camp Bowie, Magnolia) and Austin (Domain). We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space. But you knew that already. Our “why” is our heart – we desire to create spaces and places where our members and customers experience connection and community.



We hope this finds you well.

Author and journalist Cal Fussman once had the opportunity to interview the then head of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. Cal only had a few minutes of Gorbachev’s tightly scheduled time. Instead of asking the obvious question about world politics, Ronald Reagan, or perestroika, Cal aimed for the heart. The first question Cal asked was, “what is the best lesson your father ever taught you?”

Cal believes that in order to really connect with others, we need to aim for the heart before the head.

As Cal recalls, upon hearing the question, Gorbachev was pleasantly surprised. He looked up to the ceiling for a quiet moment and then shared a powerful story about his father. What ensued was a ranging 30 minute conversation and one of the more insightful portrayals of the Soviet leader. The next time we are at the dinner table and the conversation is all “head talk,” what questions might we ask that aim for the heart? When we aim for the heart, we see the best of those we talk to and they feel generously cared for. Aim well this week, friends.


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