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Episode #115: A Love Letter to You

Episode #115: A Love Letter to You

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace with locations in Fort Worth (Foundry, Camp Bowie, Magnolia) and Austin (Domain). We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space. But you knew that already. Our “why” is our heart – we desire to create spaces and places where our members and customers experience connection and community.


Debbie Millman, writer and host of Design Matters, recently inspired us to write this letter to you. In her recent TED Talk, Millman recites a series of love letters she wrote, all to different things she is grateful for.

Research has shown that gratitude can help increase optimism and improve our general happiness and well-being. At Craftwork, we start each day and meeting by sharing our gratitude. We believe that life is good. It’s not always easy, but it is good. Approaching each day, customer, member, and each other with that mindset sparks a contagious, positive energy.

A Love Letter to You: In 2016, we set out to create a space in which people could come together, feel the warmth of a connected community, and enjoy an integrated coffee shop and workspace experience. Since then, we’ve been overjoyed to open four Craftwork locations – three in Fort Worth and one in Austin.

During the four years since, we’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity, intentionality, and kindness of each of you. Our first day at Camp Bowie (what seems like just yesterday and also a lifetime ago) was just the starting point for us, and you’ve since joined us in this journey.

You – with your unique goals, personality, voice, and circle – are such an integral part of who we are. Without you, we would not be Craftwork. You bring life to our vision. You make each day beautiful.

You’ve given us flowers, chocolates, origami, breads, and books, reminding us that we serve a community of givers, not takers. You’ve invited us into your morning by conversing with us every day, helping our young team get comfortable behind the bar. You’ve helped us welcome new workspace members, creating a welcoming atmosphere within our four walls. You’ve jumped dead batteries of stranded customers, put holiday notes in our staff’s stockings, laughed at our lame jokes, picked up trash outside our building, provided real feedback on our products, and so much more.

Your impact has been so much greater than you realize. For that, we’re forever grateful.

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