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Episode #104: 100 Days of Rejection

Episode #104: 100 Days of Rejection

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If you’re anything like Jia Jiang, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, you have probably feared rejection at some point in your life. You may even still have that fear. Jiang addressed his fear by vlogging his journey, “100 Days of Rejection,” which has helped him embrace rejection and turn it into opportunity.

100 Days of Rejection: In a TedTalk from 2015, Jiang addressed his vlog and the lessons he learned from it. Jiang noticed an internal conflict in that he wanted to “conquer the world,” but was afraid of rejection. So he set out to desensitize himself to the word no. For 100 days, he asked strangers questions such as “Can I borrow $100?” or asking for a “burger refill” at a local burger joint. As you can imagine, Jiang faced quite a bit of rejection in those 100 days. However, Jiang learned throughout that journey to embrace rejection and not run away from it. He learned that when he asked “why” or addressed his peer’s concerns that he was often able to change rejection into opportunity.

We might not each have to embark on a 100-day journey, but we can learn from Jiang’s. What is the fear of rejection keeping us from? How can we embrace it and turn it into an opportunity?

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