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Fort Worth, TX

Facilitate a meaningful and efficient guest experience.

Craftwork baristas perform a variety of duties and assist with the preparation of coffee and tea beverages and coworking member experience under the supervision of a Store Leader.

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I am not driven by outside pressure, but an internal standard of excellence that is unyielding.

I love teams and find joy in the tension of imperfect individuals working alongside each other.

I am reliable and loyal to my commitments and feel pain when I am unable to deliver on them.

I pursue meaningful change that only occurs through steady, incremental progress.

I err on over-communicating with my coworkers to ensure we are moving in the same direction.

I am attentive to aesthetics and understand how they affect people’s experience of the world.

I ensure that work doesn’t control me by participating in community and personal development.

I know a gap between my vision and reality will always exist and I believe that is a good thing.

Job Features

Under general supervision performs a variety of barista duties and assists with the preparation of coffee and tea-based beverages and engages patrons and workspace members.  Facilitates a meaningful (enthusiasm, eye contact), special (knowledge of coffee, latte art), efficient (drink delivery time) patron experience.

Baristas also market workspace community to potential members through engaging tours and daily actions that also foster a collaborative environment amongst our members through engaging conversations, curated events, and even personal introductions. This position reports to a Store Leader.

Job Functions

  • Prepares coffee and tea-based beverages according to established recipes.
  • Drives patron satisfaction through efficiency and hospitality.
  • Exhibits showmanship and communicates thorough knowledge of coffee, products, customer service.
  • Conducts tours to work towards and maintain 100% occupancy when SL and ED are unavailable.
  • Solves member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage potential frustrations.
  • Implements and contributes to rules, guidelines, and best practices for the community to optimize member experience.
  • Explains Craftwork policies and procedures to members, including but not limited to: membership agreement and billing procedures.
  • Cleans and maintains utensils, equipment, and areas including bar, café, and workspace.
  • Communicates clearly and respectfully with team via Slack.
  • Completes cash log and daily/weekly tasks as required.

Job Requirements

  • High school diploma.
  • Food Manager Certification (prior to start).
  • Hospitality driven customer service skills.
  • Excitement and curiosity about coffee.
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