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Enhance the lives of your customers and yourself.

The Craftwork Hospitality Co. Bar Host is a position that combines the best attributes of a Community Manager, a Concierge, and a Barista into one role. These skills, combined with someone who enjoys connecting with and learning about our customer, creates a role that is greatly needed in apartment communities.

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  • Do you thrive on building relationships with others, specifically with guests in your workplace?
  • Do you thrive in a a stable work environment with detailed and structured tasks?
  • Are you interested in working in a role with a training and development program built purposely to provide you with skills to take with you in your career?
  • Is your desired schedule a part-time position?
  • Are you looking for a position with a pay range of $14 to $16 an hour with the opportunity for advancement?

If your answers to the questions above were “oh yeah!” we encourage you to apply now.

Job Features

The apartment industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. Unfortunately, there is another trend that is growing right along with this trend – a pervasive increase of loneliness and isolation. Apartments need better human interaction so people are less isolated and more connected. That is where the Bar Host comes in!

Bar Hosts are the caretakers, connection point, and guide of daily life in an apartment community. From the focal point of our Hospitality Bar and providing excellent food and beverage service along with consistent, warm interaction, our Bar Hosts act as the relational hub for residents. The role brings both energy and stewardship to each apartment community.

In addition to learning and developing the skills of Bar Host, you thrive in this role when you bring yourself. Whatever your passion, bring it, because sharing what you love through being a Bar Host sparks others to share and connect over their interests too. As part of a team focused on delivering great hospitality and connection experiences, you’ll bring to life a role that is needed in today’s world. Every day you’ll have the chance to make a big difference — for your customers and yourself. If this sounds like the job you were made for, apply here.

Job Functions

  • Greets all guests at the property and guides them to their destination
  • Prepares and serves food and beverages according to established recipes
  • Builds relationships with residents by remembering key details about their life
  • Stays informed on new developments in the local area to recommend to residents
  • Communicates thorough knowledge of coffee, products, and property information 
  • Cleans and maintains utensils, equipment, and areas including bar and lobby
  • Monitors the amenity space and guides residents in how to use the space properly
  • Communicates clearly and respectfully with Craftwork Leadership via Slack

Job Requirements

  • One year of service experience preferred
  • Strong interest in serving people
  • Strong customer service skills
  • An appreciation of detail and structure
We Respect Your Privacy. Craftwork Coffee Co. will never share or sell your personal information.