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Our Mission

To be a place where each person feels generously seen.

In an ever-automating, hyper-mobile world, human connection is hard to come by. We want to help with that by providing an authentic interaction and personalized experience to all of our guests. We believe it’s our unique opportunity to make delicious coffee, to make it approachable, and to pair that alongside a community that endures and celebrates with each other.

Our Core Values


We believe that life is not always easy, but it is good. Approaching each day, customer, resident, and each other with a goal to uncover the good sparks a contagious, positive energy.


We believe that people possess complex and fascinating abilities. Knowing and applying these unique strengths daily brings joy to us and value to those around us.


We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication…and who doesn’t want to be sophisticated?


We believe that life is filled with resources - time, energy, money, and relationships - that should be handled responsibly. When we are entrusted with resources, our opportunity for purposeful impact expands.

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