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Our Mission

Draw people out of isolation and into community, both professionally and personally.

In an ever-automating, hyper-mobile world, human connection is hard to come by. We want to help with that by providing an authentic interaction and personalized experience to all of our guests. We believe it’s our unique opportunity to make delicious coffee, to make it approachable and to pair that alongside coworking spaces that are more than just space, but a community: of members, baristas, even customers that endure and celebrate alongside each other.

Our Core Values


We believe that life is good. It’s not always easy, but it is good. Approaching each day, customer, member, resident, and each other with that mindset sparks a contagious, positive energy.


We believe that people are the most complex and fascinating element in the world. It’d be a loss to trap them in bureaucracy, containing their unique and dynamic gifts.


We believe that belonging only occurs when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world; fearful of criticism we unknowingly restrict innovation, creativity, and change.


We believe that when people lack vision, it creates apathy leading eventually to personal atrophy. Kaizen means improvement, which we seek to do continually and relentlessly.


We believe that work is a beautiful gift that is only fully appreciated when balanced with rest. People are obsessed with always being busy - we want to create safety in the idea of rest.

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