73% of Consumers

Say customer experience factors significantly into purchasing decisions2
Sources: 2PWC Report (2020)

92% of Property Managers

Say creating excellence in resident service will be impactful to their success3
Sources: 3Burns Consulting Report (2019)
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  • Leasing Greeter
  • Amenity Manager
  • Personalized Moments
  • Gatekeeper

Convenient Food
+ Beverage

  • Specialty Coffee
  • Grab + Go Snacks
  • Beer + Wine
  • Poolside Delivery


  • Interest Discovery
  • Link-Up Events
  • Meaningful Content
  • Watering Hole

Enhance your RX + Boost NOI

Frequently Asked Questions

What class of multifamily assets does Craftwork partner with?

Craftwork typically integrates into Class A urban high-rise, suburban or mid-rise assets.

What’s the typical building size?

Apartments exceeding 200 units.

Does Craftwork work with new or existing assets?

Craftwork integrates with both new and existing assets.

What is Craftwork’s deal structure?

Hospitality Service Agreement with landlord revenue share.

What is the impact of Craftwork on my building NOI?

Craftwork is cost neutral or positive NOI prior to any impact on retention or rent growth. We typically replace existing expenses, share F&B revenue, and/or charge a hospitality fee directly to residents.

What is the typical cost of the Resident Hospitality Bar implementation?

The typical cost for the full implementation varies between $50K - $115K.

What are the typical operating hours for Craftwork?

Craftwork operates two standard schedules:

  • 12 Hour Day: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • 16 Hour Day: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm

Are you ready to improve your resident experience?

Craftwork can engage at any point of an asset's life cycle from ground-up sites to existing properties.

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