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Episode #112: Little By Little

When we can break our goals, or even sometimes our survival and well-being, into small steps and habit-forming behaviors, there is a greater probability that we will make it through the journey. It also provides us a chance to reflect and acknowledge the mountain we have climbed.

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Episode #111: Activation Energy

Activation energy is the “minimum amount of energy that must be available for a chemical reaction to occur.” When you think about it, there is also activation energy that is necessary for us to form habits. Our goals can often fall to the wayside when the activation energy required is too high. We can, however, lower activation energy by using catalysts and eliminating intermediate steps that might have high activation energy.

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Episode #110: If, Then

We can often become sidetracked when accomplishing our goals, whether they are personal or professional. According to Peter Gollwitzer, professor of experimental psychology, one way to overcome these obstacles is by using implementation intentions, or if, then tactics.

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Episode #109: Circle of Influence

It can be tricky to juggle the stressors that life throws at us. Author Stephen Covey has created a helpful tool that may be useful when trying to navigate this journey. He calls his idea the “Circles of Influence and Control.”

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