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Episode #106: Feed Just One

All too often when we think about making a difference as an individual, we get overwhelmed. We wonder how our seemingly small existence can topple systems or overcome barriers. We’ve been thinking about this dilemma quite a bit recently, and call upon the words of the wise Mother Teresa for answers. Mother Teresa once said, “if you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one.” 

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Episode #105: Beating Your Personal Average

Personal challenges are inevitable. According to wheelchair athlete Dean Furness, the key to overcome them is to beat your personal averages.

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Episode #104: 100 Days of Rejection

If you’re anything like Jia Jiang, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, you have probably feared rejection at some point in your life. You may even still have that fear. Jiang addressed his fear by vlogging his journey, “100 Days of Rejection,” which has helped him embrace rejection and turn it into opportunity.

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Episode #103: The Flywheel Effect

The metaphor of a flywheel is used to explain the way in which small movements over time can make a huge impact. Small, faithful pushes made in the same direction give the flywheel more and more momentum until one day it is whirring, and a breakthrough is made.

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