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Episode #124: Better Than Nothing Behavior

Have you ever set a goal for the year then after doing it one or two times thought “I should do more”? Well, according to author and sociologist Christine Carter, that question is the moment when you’ve lost.

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Episode #123: Start, Stop, Continue

We’re so grateful to be starting this new year and look forward to the many moments to be shared with you. As we each begin our new year, it’s natural to look to resolutions to implement change in our lives. However, sometimes it’s hard to stick to these initiatives.

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Episode #122: Aware, Assess, Adjust

This week, we’re calling upon the words of Rob McKinnon, author of Lead Like You Were Meant To. In his book, McKinnon talks about “four-dimensional leaders” who lead in the dimensions of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. The best leaders who use this framework show three main traits in these categories. They are aware, they assess, and they adjust.

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Episode #121: About the Team

A question we often ask ourselves is: what determines a good leader? Today, we’re calling upon the words of José Mourinho, one of the “greatest soccer managers of all time” for our answer.

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