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The Advocate

Episode #128: The Relationships We Pursue

Have you ever wondered why other people see things so differently than you do? We believe the answer to this question is found in reviewing the diversity of our connections.

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Episode #127: What’s Your Superpower?

Have you ever thought about it – what’s your superpower? If not, please do. The world is made better when you are applying your strengths. By knowing and using your unique strengths, you can make bigger impacts in the areas that mean the most to you.

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Episode #126: Recalibrating Our Definition of Success

In a Harvard Business Review article that has transcended time, professor Clayton Christensen laid out how he has used business management principles to recalibrate his personal definition of success.

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Episode #125: Do Not Be Discouraged

As we reflect on the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., we are grateful for how his legacy reminds us that the impact of our work can outlive us. MLK and many of his companions labored on good, sacrificial work that remains with us today.

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