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Episode #122: Aware, Assess, Adjust

This week, we’re calling upon the words of Rob McKinnon, author of Lead Like You Were Meant To. In his book, McKinnon talks about “four-dimensional leaders” who lead in the dimensions of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. The best leaders who use this framework show three main traits in these categories. They are aware, they assess, and they adjust.

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Episode #121: About the Team

A question we often ask ourselves is: what determines a good leader? Today, we’re calling upon the words of José Mourinho, one of the “greatest soccer managers of all time” for our answer.

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Episode #120: What Fills Your Tank?

Rest is an important part of our lives. As we head into a season filled with holidays, family, friends, and the year-end, it’s something we will have to actively seek out to lead a balanced life.

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Episode #119: Let’s Celebrate

Tomorrow (Sept. 29) is International Coffee Day. It’s a day of celebration for us. We’re not celebrating as a sales gimmick (though we do have some fun things happening), but rather to reflect on the “why” behind our company.

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