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Episode #116: To Strive, As Toward a Goal

Our work standards may look different than the twelve-hour, seven-day-a-week average work rhythm of the Industrial Revolution, but we can assume we each have our own additional goals we are striving or working hard for. Let us honor this day by practicing the things that recharge us and give us the strength to continue.

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Episode #115: A Love Letter to You

Debbie Millman, writer and host of Design Matters, recently inspired us to write this letter to you. In her recent TED Talk, Millman recites a series of love letters she wrote, all to different things she is grateful for.

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Episode #114: Zeigarnik Effect

In the 1920s, Bluma Zeigarnik conducted research suggesting that unfinished tasks may be easier to remember than finished ones. And while things like fatigue, timing, and difficulty all play a factor in the outcome of this effect, we think this theory could be helpful in some instances.

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Episode #113: Be Present

Some of us may be at home full time with our children, while others are finding it hard to disconnect from a new remote work situation, so it’s more important than ever to take time to be present with those in our household.

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