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About The Craftwork Group

We exist to draw people out of isolation and into community.


Through our Craftwork Coffee Co. and Craftwork Hospitality Co. operations, we hope to be a place where everyone feels welcome and valued. Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee or want to connect with people in your community, The Craftwork Group wants to help.


Craftwork was founded by two friends who wanted to create a place where people could literally work at their favorite coffee shop. They desired a space where a culture of collaboration could grow among individuals who wanted to feel the energy, warmth, and community of a coffee shop in their office every single day.

When deciding to create this space in Fort Worth, they met with architects, furniture partners, coffee roasters, and eventually hired employees. In what seems like an instant, Craftwork was born.

Our Team

Riley Kiltz

Founder and CEO

Macy Tatum

Director of Hospitality Operations

Trevor Hightower

CDO + President

Abigail Nivens

Brand + Marketing Manager

Josh Tyer

Director of Coffee

Katherine Morris

Director of Coffee Operations

Sierra Joy

Austin Store Leader

Dayna James

Fort Worth Store Leader

We Respect Your Privacy. Craftwork Coffee Co. will never share or sell your personal information.